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Plastic Surgery For Weight Loss

Losing weight has been a big problem for everyone for centuries. The number of people who apply for plastic surgery for weight loss is increasing. Ideal weight understanding is always changing and everyone always has a diet list. While some of these work some are insufficient. Because the human body is different and does not react the same to a diet. There are many products in the cosmetic world for this.

Losing weight is a long process and takes effort. Not gaining weight is as difficult as losing weight. Especially as the fast food diet became widespread, this became more difficult. Nowadays, not only middle-aged people but also children are obese. There are people at a very young age who want to have plastic surgery for weight loss.


Which Surgeries Are Possible for Weight Loss?

Numerous operations have been performed over the years to treat obesity. Thanks to experience and research, it is determined which surgery is more effective. But most of these effects depend on the patient. Because no matter how successful the operation is, losing weight depends on the will of the patient.

Although different surgeries are performed to lose weight, the most applied methods are gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy. Experts have found over the years that these surgeries are more effective. Experts first consider these surgeries for people who want to have  plastic surgery for weight loss.


Is Surgery Necessary for Weight Loss?

If severe obesity threatens your health, diet and exercise are not enough for you. The only thing that will make you weaker and healthier is a good operation. Only an experienced surgeon can do this. Because the dangers of being overweight are too great, such patients are specially examined. Because there is a possibility of complications during or after treatment.

Although these surgeries have disadvantages, few of them have been realized. Until now, most of the people who have had plastic surgery for weight loss have been successful. The unsuccessful ones started to gain weight again because they did not comply with the post-operative diet program. This does not indicate that the surgeries were unsuccessful. Some people just aren’t diligent enough.


Is It Dangerous To Have Weight Loss Surgeries?

Gastric surgeries are not dangerous under normal conditions. It can only be difficult for overweight people. However, doctors inform the patient in order to minimize these dangerous situations. There are complications that can happen. These are wound infections, bleeding, pneumonia, leg thrombosis or pulmonary embolism. To minimize these possibilities, the doctor will ask you to take blood thinners for 3 weeks before and after the surgery. In this way, you are protected from the risks of plastic surgery for weight loss.


Does Plastic Surgery Help With Weight Loss?

Weight loss surgeries are a difficult and long process. Achieving the goal is not easy and there can be many obstacles. There are many methods in the medical world to make it easier to deal with it. It is normal to encounter some problems even after various surgeries to shrink the stomach.

After weight loss as a result of bariatric surgery, slimming surgeries are among the most frequently performed surgeries. These include tummy tuck, breast lift surgery, thigh lift, and in rare cases, full-body surgery. After bariatric surgery, people apply to plastic surgery for weight loss and get rid of excess fat.


Looking Slimmer with Plastic Surgery

Most of the patients who have undergone body lift surgery are people who have lost close to 100 kilos before. However, the number of pounds lost is not very important. Because sometimes people may suffer from a fat appearance when they lose less weight. This image gradually increases after weight loss surgery and begins to affect psychology.

There are also mothers who have a saggy belly after too many pregnancies and want to tighten it again. A major stomach surgery can sometimes be too much for these women. Because the only problem is sagging skin. In such cases, surgeons perform plastic surgery for weight loss. They just remove the excess skin that is hanging off.


Why Is Plastic Surgery Important After Extreme Weight Loss?

Anyone who has lost a lot of weight is usually proud of this achievement. But patients quickly realize that they have not yet achieved their goals. You can’t work, you can’t integrate socially because of fat aprons. For this reason, many people feel hopeless and do not see success.

In this case, plastic surgery is the last step to be happy again. After a medically necessary body contouring, patients can finally become full members of society again. Now there is no obstacle to wearing the clothes they want. Having  plastic surgery for weight loss ends the long and tiring process.


How Should Nutrition Be After Weight Loss Surgery?

The aim is for you to learn what normal nutrition is through the operation. So now you have to give up temporary things like diet. Now you need to develop useful habits. Doctors also warn families about this issue. Harmful foods should not be given to the patient. Otherwise, it would be easy to go back to the past.

Immediately after the operation, the patient should be fed with liquid foods. After a few days, it is free to eat puree in addition to liquid foods. It is important to maintain this order for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, the patient can eat solid foods. However, due to gastric surgery, the dimensions are very small. The patient should follow these rules before undergoing plastic surgery for weight loss.


Are There Risks to Weight Loss Surgery?

You should consider the risks thoroughly before deciding on any surgery. A minor issue that you care about can cause a major complication during surgery. Therefore, your doctor takes care of you before and after the operation and tries to reset the risks. The probability of realization of these risks is also 1%.

There are some high-risk patients. If you are younger than 45 and have a BMI of less than 50, you are at low risk. Diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart failure are dangerous for any surgery. This is why you should follow the decisions made by your surgeon. Before you have plastic surgery for weight loss, you should improve your health.


Plastic surgery for weight loss procedures varies according to the patient.

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