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Weight loss surgery Turkey is also known as bariatric surgery. During a bariatric procedure, changes are made to your gastrointestinal tract to help you lose weight. Some procedures make you eat less, while others reduce the absorption of food in the intestines. Many studies have already shown that bariatric surgery maximizes the chances of successful weight loss in patients with obesity.

This type of surgery also results in reductions in diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, weight problems and various types of cancer. All weight loss surgeries become successful with lifestyle changes and dieting. So, surgeries are not a miracle. Keeping weight under control for a long time takes a lot of energy, motivation and hard work. That’s why people who have weight loss surgery Turkey definitely talk to a dietitian.


Weight Loss Surgery Abroad

The number of children and adults with obesity is increasing every year in the world. Moreover, fast food stores are increasing constantly. More and more overweight people are undergoing weight loss surgery to permanently solve their weight problems. After these procedures, you can eat less and lose weight faster. But are these operations really reliable? What conditions are necessary for gastric surgery?

Losing weight is everyone’s dream. Although it is difficult to implement, everyone says that they need to diet during the day. Disappointment begins when diets are not followed. This forces people to eat more. The number of people who want to have weight loss surgery Turkey is very high. But many do not know what type of surgery they should have.


Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss Surgery

In sleeve gastrectomy surgery, part of the stomach is removed and a small tube stomach is left. It is no longer possible to eat large quantities because the stomach has become so small. In the past, gastric tube was administered only to overweight patients. Patients no longer have to be obese for this surgery. If your weight is constantly increasing and your desire to eat never stops, then you may consider this surgery.


Weight loss surgery Turkey is performed by various methods. The most frequently requested method by patients is sleeve gastrectomy surgery. If the patient is in good health, it is a low-risk operation. However, surgery cannot determine how much weight the patient will lose. It depends on the will of the patient. Surgery is an aid that supports people to lose weight.


What is Gastric Bypass Surgery?

In gastric bypass, the stomach is divided into two compartments with surgical staples. The small intestine starting from the bottom of the stomach is cut and connected to the upper small stomach compartment. Your meal ends only in that small stomach compartment, which makes you feel full faster. Nutrients cannot then continue as quickly because the small intestine cannot process large amounts of nutrients at once.

The body is now forced to eat at the speed of the small intestine. Thus, the patient eats slowly in small quantities and chews well. Thanks to this operation, which is at the beginning of weight loss surgery Turkey, the rest of the stomach remains empty. Due to the lack of stimulation of the so-called hunger hormone, it provides less hunger. The result is faster weight loss after the procedure.


What Is Endoscopic Sleeve?

Non-surgical stomach reduction is performed with an endoscopic sleeve. The endoscope (flexible tube) with a camera is brought to the stomach through the mouth and esophagus. The stomach is reduced from the inside with stitches. No part of the stomach is removed. The stomach remains completely intact.

Endoscopic sleeve is a relatively new technique in the world. Therefore, their success rate is not as high as others. If some problems are observed in the patient during the examination and the operation is not suitable, this operation is performed. It is the least practiced weight loss surgery Turkey.


Is Weight Loss Surgery Necessary?

Everyone has a weight loss problem at some point in their life. But if you are overweight, this is more difficult now. Because your stomach has expanded and you will never be full with less food. Obesity is a big problem of our age. Its definition is a chronic disease in which there is too much accumulation of fat in the body.

Being overweight puts you at risk of developing cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, respiratory disorders and wear and tear on the joints. With extreme obesity, it is often difficult to lose weight. You don’t change your lifestyle overnight. Weight loss surgery Turkey is an option to reach a healthy weight.


What Are the Risks of Weight Loss Surgery?

Unfortunately, not all operations are safe. In very rare cases, a leak may develop where the small intestine meets the small stomach. Usually doctors can fix this with antibiotics, but in the worst case you may need to have surgery again. Apart from this, you will not encounter a situation that threatens your health fatally.

You may also suffer from the so-called dumping syndrome, in which you feel nauseous after eating certain food products. Most patients do not see this as a problem because it prevents them from eating bad things. But if you react badly to any kind of food then it becomes very annoying. After weight loss surgery Turkey, it is imperative that you visit a doctor at regular intervals.


What Should Be Considered After Weight Loss Surgery?

Some doctors say you need to take a multivitamin for a long time after discharge. Because these operations affect the absorption of various vitamins. If you smoke or use blood thinners, serious precautions are taken. You must use a stomach protector for the first 3 months or for life.

It is important to adopt certain eating habits after the procedure. Eating less and often will be better for your health. If you are taking medication for diabetes, you should consider your doctor’s recommendations. After weight loss surgery Turkey, you are asked to have an analysis once a month. Thus, if there is a loss of vitamins, it is detected.


Weight Loss Surgery Turkey Cost

In some countries, insurance covers weight loss surgeries. Weight loss surgery Turkey can be cost-effective, even if you don’t get a positive result for the surgery from your insurance. Operations are not very expensive, especially when you pay attention to the type of surgeries and the length of stay in the hospital.

Weight Loss Surgery Turkey is the most frequently performed operation.

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