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Where to stay in turkey

Planning a trip to Turkey and wondering where to stay? Check out this list of the very best places to stay in Turkey.

Located right where two vastly different worlds meet, Turkey is an extremely popular travel destination. This is where Asia meets Europe, the East meets the West, and new meets old in an utterly enchanting cultural fusion.

Whether you’re looking for beautiful seaside resorts or cultural cities, Turkey has it all with something for every type of traveler. If you’re having a hard time choosing between the amazing places to stay in Turkey, you should read this article with the very best places to stay in Turkey.

The best places to stay in Turkey:
1. Alanya

Every year, thousands of tourists visit Alanya, one of the most popular seaside resorts in Turkey. The large holiday resorts and hotels are located side by side on the long sandy beaches where there’s a sun guarantee all year round.

Alanya is best known for its laid-back holiday atmosphere, but it is also a vibrant tourist town with a myriad of exciting things to do. In Alanya, you’ll also find lots of cultural sights, adventurous day trips, great shopping opportunities, crazy nightlife, and delicious dining experiences.

So, it isn’t that hard to understand why Alanya has become such a popular destination in Turkey. In Alanya, you can find everything your heart desires in a perfect combination of beach and city life in beautiful surroundings.

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Alanya - Endless Travel Destinations


2. Side

Halfway between Alanya and Antalya lies the charming resort town of Side, another extremely popular place to stay in Turkey. Side was founded about 2,000 years ago and is thus one of the oldest cities in Turkey. Therefore, it is obvious to explore the impressive ancient ruins in the area that testify to the city’s heyday.

Side also offers a wonderful holiday vibe with lovely sandy beaches and a large selection of shops, markets, restaurants, and bars. In many respects, Side can best be described as a kind of mini version of Alanya. However, that certainly doesn’t make Side less popular.

Best Places to Stay in Turkey - Side - Endless Travel Destinations


3. Antalya

Antalya is the largest city on the south coast of Turkey and is the vibrant capital of the Turkish Riviera. Unfortunately, most tourists often overlook Antalya when they land at Antalya Airport and immediately head on towards Side, Alanya, Kemer, or other popular seaside resorts in Turkey. It’s a shame because Antalya has so much to offer.

In Antalya, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the beach life, but it is mostly a big city with an authentic Turkish atmosphere. In Antalya, you can find almost anything, whether you’re interested in a huge selection of restaurants, great shopping opportunities, wild bar streets, cultural sights, or child-friendly rides.

Antalya - Endless Travel Destinations


4. Kemer

In scenic surroundings, the idyllic seaside resort of Kemer lies at the foot of the green Taurus Mountains. Here you’ll be greeted by a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere, creating the perfect setting for an idyllic holiday. Make sure to relax completely and just enjoy life to the fullest.

The tranquil surroundings have made Kemer an extremely popular place to stay in Turkey for families with children, but also for adults traveling without children. When visiting Kemer, you can enjoy life on the beaches, stroll along the popular port, or take a day trip to nearby Antalya.

Best Places to Stay in Turkey - Kemer - Endless Travel Destinations


5. Cappadocia

Cappadocia may not be like the other places to stay in Turkey, but nonetheless, it is a must to visit this adventurous area. Here you’ll find a unique lunar-like landscape, created by several large volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. It is a true natural wonder, even inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The magical creation of nature has resulted in Cappadocia being full of underground cities, cave churches, rock hotels, fairy chimneys, and much more. There are several cities in Cappadocia, of which Göreme is one of the most popular to stay in.

Most tourists choose to spend a few days in Cappadocia, after which they return to one of the popular seaside resorts in Turkey. I highly recommend booking a day trip to Cappadocia through your travel agency or perhaps the hotel you’re staying at.

Best Places to Stay in Turkey - Cappadocia - Endless Travel Destinations


6. Marmaris

Another extremely popular place to stay in Turkey is Marmaris, a modern seaside resort in beautiful surroundings. Marmaris is located in a scenic bay and surrounded by green mountains, creating an insanely beautiful and almost exotic expression to the city.

Unfortunately, Marmaris doesn’t have the best beaches in Turkey, but the surroundings still make Marmaris a true paradise. There’s ample opportunity to get in the holiday mood on the long beach promenade, the harbor, and the old town. You can also go shopping in the covered bazaar or join the party on the famous bar street.

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Marmaris - Endless Travel Destinations


7. Bodrum

Bodrum is definitely one of the best places to stay in Turkey. The city is so popular that it’s even one of the Turks’ own favorite travel destinations. Bodrum is beautifully situated on a scenic peninsula next to the Mediterranean Sea surrounded by high mountains and stunning coastlines.

When visiting Bodrum, don’t miss the picturesque old town, the marina, and the child-friendly beaches. In Bodrum, you’ll also find a large selection of shops, markets, restaurants, bars, and festive discos.

Bodrum is generally a little more upscale than many other popular places to stay in Turkey. This is also reflected in the prices, and therefore it’s a bit more expensive to stay in Bodrum than in Alanya for example.

Best Places to Stay in Turkey - Bodrum - Endless Travel Destinations


8. Istanbul

When making a list of the very best destinations in Turkey, I cannot forget Istanbul. With more than 15 million inhabitants, it isn’t only Turkey’s but also Europe’s largest city.

In Istanbul, you can really get a sense of how two vastly different worlds meeting in Turkey. It’s right here that Europe and Asia collide in a fantastic fusion of old and new. In Istanbul, you can experience everything from magnificent mosques, ancient churches, exclusive palaces to huge shopping malls, cozy parks, and breathtaking viewpoints.

If you have a stopover in Istanbul, I highly recommend spending a few days in the city. Istanbul is so impressive and offers everything your heart desires on a city break.

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Istanbul - Endless Travel Destinations


9. Kusadasi

One of the best places to stay in Turkey is in Kusadasi, a beautiful Mediterranean resort town. In Kusadasi there’s an idyllic holiday atmosphere, offering a charming old town, historical sights, and long sandy beaches.

In the old town and on the cozy harbor promenade, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs are side by side. You can also find a large selection of shops and markets in the city. If you’re looking for some more exciting things to do in Turkey, there’s also ample opportunity to take part in several memorable day trips from Kusadasi.

Best Places to Stay in Turkey - Kusadasi - Endless Travel Destinations

So, that’s all on this list of the very best places to stay in Turkey. What is your favorite place to stay in Turkey? What places do you dream of visiting in Turkey? Feel free to leave a comment.

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