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Stem Cell Hair Transplant

Stem cell hair transplant is quite similar to normal hair transplant techniques. However, there is a different technique instead of removing the hair follicles to transplant them to the hair loss area in other hair transplant techniques. In stem cell hair transplant, they remove a small skin sample where hair follicles or grafts are harvested.

The removed hair follicles or grafts replicate in a lab. Then they implant them back in the area of hair loss. Stem cell hair transplant technique allows the donor area to grow hair. The parts of the body where they take hair follicles from are called donor area. In traditional hair transplantation techniques, taken hair follicles from the donor area don’t allow the donor area to grow hair back.

So, with stem cell hair transplant it allows the donor area and the area of hair loss to grow hair. Stem cell hair transplant is a really new technology. In stem cell transplant, they use the patient’s own stem cells. These cells are also called as mother cells too. They have the potential to produce and divide all kinds of cells. In this technology, they use the growth potential of stem cells for stimulating the hair growth in bald areas.

Stem Cell Hair Transplant Process

In stem cell hair transplant surgery, they test the patient’s skin to see if they are a good candidate for this hair transplant technique. The doctor will implant only 100 to 200 hair follicles to see if the patient has an allergic reaction to the hair or not. The color of the transplanted hair will be chosen by the patient. The doctor put the patient under local anesthesia or general anesthesia.

In stem cell hair transplant, they have to extract stem cells from the patient. They get these stem cells from blood, fat issue like abdomen or bone marrow. The stem cell will have to pass several stages. It has to get the artificial fibers like the hairs. Then the doctor gives the taken stem cells the properties that was chosen by the patient.

They then implant the hair by a micro-nodes device. The device works by holding the hair under the skin. Stem cell hair transplant process can have a different time period depending the number of the hair that will be transplanted. The average time period is an hour.

Stem Cell Hair Transplant Results

Stem cell hair is a new hair transplant technique. So, not every clinic has this technique performed in their clinics. A lot of people are curious about the results of the stem cell hair transplantation. There are so many questions and also a lot of curiosity around this technique. The first stem cell transplant technique was performed successfully by Italian researchers in the year 2017.  They begin with extracting stem cells from the person with a punch biopsy that was performed by using a circular blade tool. It was rotated into the skin for removing a cylindrical sample of a tissue.

Recovery After Stem Cell Hair Transplant

Stem cell hair transplantation also have same recovery process like other hair transplantation techniques. However, there is no recovery required for stem cell transplant. There is some uncertainness since it is a new technique. After the stem cell hair surgery, patients can feel pain. It is expected but it also will subside within a week.

The patient won’t be allowed to drive since the anesthesia will still have the effect on the patient. It is important for the patient to not to put any pressure on their head but also on their donor area too. It is best to avoid any hard physical work for a week. Dying hair is also not allowed too. Patients have to take care of their scalp very well but also the donor areas too. There is a high possibility for a scarring in the donor area where the fat was removed. The recovery process is same for stem cell transplant like FUE, FUT and DHI but the time periods are not clear like them. It is important to report any abnormal reaction of the body to the doctor.

Benefits of Stem Cell Hair Transplant

There are still solid sources about it even though there are some uncertainness about stem cell transplant. Italian researches provided that the implantation the stem cells into hair follicles helps stimulating the hair growth. This stimulating gives faster results with no side effects at all. The stem cell transplant gives a restoration to the natural hairline. The whole process leaves no marks since stem cell hair transplantation does not need stitches. And with that, it creates a faster recovery than other hair transplant techniques.

Stem Cell Hair Growth

Stem cell transplant is still growing and developing. There are clinics who use this technique even though the success rate of stem cell transplant is not that high. The whole technique has the potential to pass the other hair transplant techniques. Stem cells helps the hair follicles to stimulate hair growth and it is a promising thing for the medical field. This technique is definitely helpful for people who deal with hair loss.

Stem Cell Hair Transplant Cost

There are not many alternatives when it comes to stem cell hair transplant. Since it is new technology and also has many unclearness about the results and the success of every surgical process, it is still a developing hair transplant technique. However, there are clinic who perform stem cell transplant in world. There are available clinics in Turkey for stem cell hair transplantation. The prices for stem cell hair transplantation start from $5000. It is a high and newest technology, so the prices are quite different from other hair transplant techniques. On average, the price is around $7000. The maximum price is around $10000. Stem cell hair transplant is a new hair transplant technique.

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