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How to Get around Turkey

Travel around Turkey

Altough Turkey is a big country, but it is very easy to get around the country with its well connected destinations. You can prefer any of the domestic flights, public transport systems, high speed trains, ferryboats and intercity bus services.

Air Travel

Turkey’s domestic airline industry offers frequent flights to many cities around the country, and all at very reasonable prices for local and foreign visitors.

Domestic fares can go as low as 30$ one way, off season, with advance purchase. It is a good idea to plan ahead, particularly if you plan on traveling during one of the major public holidays, national and religious festivals. Tickets can be purchased online, at one of the airline offices, or through an officially recognized travel agent.

Train Travel

Turkish State Railways, which has a well developed railway network, operates passenger trains all over the country. There are comfortable sleeper trains on many routes. High speed trains between Istanbul, Ankara, Konya and Eskisehir, which make the journey comfortable in just a couple of hours, are useful and even the best way to travel in Turkey.

Intercity Bus

One of the most popular and convenient ways to travel around Turkey is by bus. It is usually a lot cheaper than travelling by plane, but takes longer. Every city has its own intercity bus terminal with numerous companies and their clean, modern buses offering tickets to just about every corner of the country. If you are travelling in a large group, you must book your ticket well in advance.


You can travel by ferry, which is a good way to get around Turkey, especially along the Mediterranean, Aegean and Marmara coastlines. There are many routes in and around Istanbul serving the Marmara region, and some routes extend to Bursa, Izmir and Canakkale. Daily car and passenger ferries run between Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, mostly from Tasucu port near Silifke to Girne port of North Cyprus.

Rental Car

All of the major international car rental companies, as well as a number of local ones, have offices at airports and in all major destinations.

Public Transport

There is a huge public transport system in Turkey. All major and touristic destinations have number of public transport options including suburban train, city bus, metro, tram, minibus and taxi.

City Bus: All towns and cities have plentiful city buses which are cheap to use. You can purchase a smart ticket for a small deposit which, once loaded with credit, can be used not only on the buses but the metro, tram and ferries.

Minibus: Minibuses are useful alternatives to local buses and run on standard routes posted on the front screen of the vehicle.

Taxi: Taxis are plentiful and the best boarded at designated taxi stops. Payment is according to the on-board meter. All taxis in Turkey are required by law to have an on-board meter. However, set prices are more common for intercity journeys which are posted clearly at the taxi stop.

Rail System: The urban rail system, which is a fast and efficient way to get around the country, is a type of high capacity public transport generally found in urban areas. Many Turkish cities have underground subways and commuter trains.

Tram: Several cities have trams, which are a quick and efficient way of getting around.

Golfing in Turkey

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